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    We have decided that all of the children are stars this week.  The children that came to Friton were amazing, so happy and smiley and well-behaved!
    We had a lady come and look around today who commented on how calm and well behaved the children are and she is so right.  So stars to all of our lovely children


    We have to say goodbye to 11 of our wonderful children.  They are going off to school and we know they will be brilliant and the schools will be lucky to have them.
    We will miss you all xxxx

    I stupidly gave Mandy the tablet to take and print of some photos that can go up at Pebbles in September, forgetting that I had not emailed any of the ones taken a Friton so unfortunately we can not include any of those.  But I have  put on lots of photos on that have been taken at Pebbles. 

    Have a fantastic summer!

    The Pebbles Team.

    WEEK 11 - BEACH HEAVEN (12.7.2019)


    Phoenix –You are such a kind girl, passing the snack plate around so everyone can reach it on your table, what a lovely thing to do!!

    Lyla – Rebecca and Mandy were so impressed by how well you matched random numbers up to 20, fishing the frogs out of the water and putting them on the matching number, what a clever girl you are!

    Preston – You are a joy to have a Pebbles, you are always polite and helpful, we are really looking forward to you being with us more in September! 

    Dear Parents

    We thought we would prepare the children for their seaside trip next week or give the ones that are not coming a little beach like experience.  So, the children made their own beach outside in the builder’s tray.  I am not sure we will see as many sea creatures at the real beach as we have in ours, but the children have loved playing with it so much it is staying until our real beach trip on Wednesday.

    The children were very lucky to receive left over ice-lollies for Sports Day which linked nicely to our theme and as the photo showed were thoroughly enjoyed!

    As you know we love taking the children out for walks and our new favourite place is the slope and tree stump by the church gates.  It’s a brilliant place for the children to get physical and build up their strength and confidence when faced with a steep slope and a different climbing experience, which even the youngest children can now navigate with very little adult help.  We love seeing the children develop their own methods for getting up and down the slope, some running at it, some coming down on their bottoms and running up the other side. They take turns and encourage each other, which is so lovely. 

    We are very much looking forward to the seaside trip next Wednesday.  If you have not returned your slip but find you can come, we would love for you to join us, so just turn up!

    Please remember we are only open until 12 on Friday when we will be saying a fond farewell to our school leavers.  We will miss them very much but know they will all be brilliant at school and can not wait to hear reports of what they are up to at school in September.  

    Have a fantastic weekend,

    The Pebbles team.



    Anna – For eating your lunch really well, Jane was so impressed with how well you eat nearly all your lunch, good girl!

    Bobbie – For using sign language so well.  The staff have been really focusing on using sign language and you have really picked it up, you clever boy.

    James –All of the staff are so impressed with your drawings, they are becoming much more detailed and your colouring is lovely, well done! 

    Dear Parents

    What a busy week and what a lot of lovely photos.  What with Sports Day on Sunday it has been very exciting and jam packed.  Especially as we have been looking after nature.  The children made bird feeders which we have hung up at the veggie patch and outside.  All of our butterflies have come out of their cocoons, so we released them all today and all of the children that wanted to got to hold the flowers with them on before they flew away.

    The children have been learning about uniqueness by looking at their faces in mirrors, comparing eye and hair colour.  The children were group by different categories and identified how they are the same as others in some ways but different in other ways.

    The children enjoyed making butterflies out of card and cellophane, which we thought would look very pretty stuck to a window. 

    We love asking the children what they would like for snack.  This week was sausage rolls which we had warm up at the veggie patch, penned into the sheep pen; the children and Stevie had built.  For next week they have requested spaghetti hoops on toast!

     The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 9 - SPORTS DAY (28.6.2019)


    Molly – For handing Benjamin a piece of cake, sitting beautifully during sports day practise and for not bringing in any little toys on Friday, what a star you are!

    Oliver – You had a fantastic day on Thursday, with very few tears and you were so helpful tidying away indoors and at the veggie patch.

    Libby – You have tried so hard during our sports day practises and have got so much quicker, well done! 

    Dear Parents

    We had noodles for snack, they were delicious.  We planted the sunflowers and the tomato plants into new pots.  We have watered them every day.  We have had a lovely time at the veggie patch this week but the grass is so long, so we need somebody to cut it.   

    We made snails out of yogurt pots and stickers.  We put the stickers on the snail shell.  We have continued to do practise for Sports Day and we are all really ready and excited.  We have needed some time to sit and relax outside and do nothing.

    Mandy read us a brilliant story which was call ‘Shaun the shy shark’.  We had a bag full of the characters from the book and we thought of names for all them like ‘Ollie Octopus’ and ‘Franky the flying fish’.  We remembered that words beginning with the same sound is called alliteration!

    We are hoping our caterpillars may become butterflies soon, so we are making butterflies for our craft activity, making a beach ready for our visit to Friton-on-sea and some bird feeders for the veggie patch.

    Have a lovely weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you all at Spots Day on Friday

    The Pebbles team.

    (Written by Barney and Rebecca)

    WEEK 8 - CATERPILLARS (21.6.2019)


    Freddie L – You are talking so much more Freddie, even to the point where you are encouraging the other children when they are practising for sports day.  It is so lovely to hear your little voice.

    Indie – You are such a lovely girl; you took Charlie’s hand when we were out on a walk because he likes to hold a hand and Rebecca had to squeeze stingers so couldn’t hold his hand.

    Sophie – You are so keen to learn the high frequency words ready for school and you are doing so well, you clever girl. 

    Dear Parents

    We have really noticed the caterpillar growing this week and think they are getting ready to go into their cocoons.  We haven’t got around to reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ as we have been doing lots of singing and playing of musical instruments to accompany some Nursery Rhymes. Our accompaniment to ‘Icy-Wincy spider’ was very impressive.

    The children have made some lovely caterpillars out of card.  Making choices about what size and colour circles they want to use and some of the older children included a repeating pattern!

    We have had some lovely walks as the grass is getting so long.  The children say is like ‘Going on a bear hunt’ so we sing the swishy-swashy grass part of the song.  We also pretended to be caterpillars out on a walk, hiding in the grass.  At the veggie patch we planted out our runner beans and next week we will transfer our sunflowers into bigger pots and keep them in the outdoor play area where we can water them and see if they grow taller than us. 

    We have done lots of practising for sports day indoors and out.  All of the children have listened to instructions and picked up what they have to do very quickly.  Some of them are getting really quick. You might blink and miss them on Sports Day, so have your cameras ready. 

    Next week, we will read ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and make caterpillars out of fruit for snack time.  We have saved yogurt pots from this week to make snails for craft and we will continue Sports Day practise.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 7 - FATHER'S DAY (14.6.2019)


    Charley – You eat your lunch beautifully, put your bits back in your box, put it on the trolley and then looked at a book, BRILLIANT!

    George – We are so proud of you for no tears in the mornings and amazing tidying up, well done George!

    Joshua – There were lots of children showing and you were the last one to show.  You sat beautifully and waited you turn, good boy! 

    Dear Parents,

    We have really enjoyed having the daddies come in this week and we really hope they enjoyed it too.  We loved making paper aeroplanes, turns out Stevie is an expert at this.  Hers went super-fast and were a little dangerous if you got in the way!!

    We have been making healthy muffins using apple puree, banana and honey as a substitute for sugar.  We will continue to focus on healthy snacks that we will make.

    As the photos show we have managed to get outside this week and had a lovely time walking through the swishy grass and then we needed to wash our wellies off in the puddles.

    Next week we will be starting our Sports Day training so we are hoping the weather will improve.  We will be reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and making our own caterpillars as our craft activity.  We have noticed our caterpillars are getting much bigger.

    The younger children will be focussing on rhymes and rhythmic activities such as clapping the rhyming words in Nursery Rhymes, adding musical accompaniment and using the rhyming pots.  The older children will continue to learn their high frequency words (getting ready for school).

    Have a lovely weekend,

    The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 6 - NATURE WEEK (7.6.2019)


    Barney – You were such a lovely boy helping to open a younger child’s lunch box and unwrap the sandwiches!

    Henry – Jane was so impressed with you for getting up the little sorting toys out of the water that weren’t supposed to be in there but leaving the items that were supposed to be in the water, what a clever, helpful boy!

    Rhia – You are such a lovely, polite little girl.  You always say please and thank you and after lunch on Thursday you sat beautifully looking at a book.

     Dear Parents, 

    We knew we had some special additions coming this week, (some tiny caterpillars), so decided to focus on growing and nature.  We have planted runner beans in our special punches and when they start to grow, we will transfer them into little pots.  Later in the term the children will bring them home, watch them grow and hopefully provide you all with some tasty beans! 

    Not only have we got our very own caterpillars indoors, but we have found lots up at the veggie patch.  This is a first and we are really hoping we will see them turn into chrysalis’ and then butterflies.  We compared the sizes of the caterpillars as part of our learning this term is to use language such as long, tall, short, heavy, light.  So, we also held the caterpillars in their box to see how heavy it was, whilst we were deciding what might be inside. We all thought the box was light. 

    We have had a fantastic time at the veggie patch this week.  The children have discovered the joys of a saucepan with mud, water and a stick.  Lots of fun and lots of dirty children!  We are also enjoying the Polygrons – we have built a tunnel and a very impressive house – with turrets, so it could even be a castle! 

    Next week we are looking forward to sharing some of our time with our dads and making them something special for Father’s Day.  We will be making cakes and paper aeroplanes as well as all the usually lovely things we do.  We hope we will be watching our runner beans and caterpillars grow. 

    Have a lovely weekend,

    The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 5 - LITTLE BO-PEEP (24.5.2019)


    Ralph – You were such a grown-up helper, when you took lots of items needed for lunch from the kitchen through to the hall for Rebecca and then you helped her do the washing-up, what a helpful boy.

    Spencer – We love that you consoled James when he fell off a bike and tried to take his mind of it by offering him a football.

    Emmy – We were so impressed with you running all the way up a really long field when we went out for a walk.   

    Dear Parents,

    We had great fun acting out ‘Little Bo-Peep’ this week with the sheep we made.  The children liked going off to hide (mainly under the climbing frame) when they were the sheep and then being shut in their pen when they came home.

    The fish fingers were a real hit on Tuesday.  Lots of the children had two helpings!  So, we are looking forward to spaghetti bolognaise after half-term.

    As always, we have spent lots of time outside.  The lengths of the walks the children are walking are getting longer and some many of them now walk brilliantly and have such a wonderful time running up the sides of the fields.  We really feel the walks help to develop the children’s observational skills as well as their physical development.  The children are experts at spotting rabbit holes, different flowers, stingers.  They love collecting flowers and sticks.  Elsie has decided she would like to make a den, so we are making it our mission to collect larger sticks that we can use to make a den at the veggie patch.  The children are also experts at spotting poo, quite a regular occurrence when walking around Foxearth, unfortunately.  The children now identify different types of poo.  They know that rabbit poo is ok to step on but not dog or cow poo!  Essential life skills are being taught!

    After half-term we will be very busy starting our preparation for sports day, there is lots of training involved!  There will some new additions to look after (tiny caterpillars), to help us learn about life cycles and possible some tadpoles. If we can find anyone who has some. There will be our ‘Father’s Day Week’ the second week back and our usual end of term trip on Wednesday 17th July.

    Have a lovely half-term.

    The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 4 - THE THREEE BEARS 917.5.2019)


    Florence - For helping Rebecca to tidy the tables and carry the snack up to the veggie patch, so willingly!

    Barney – For doing really well with learning his words and being keen to share books.

    George – For being such a good boy when staying for your first lunch. 

    Dear Parents,

    This week at Pebbles we have had the Three Bear’s house, their different sized bowls and spoons in the sand and water and we have even playing in porridge (well oats).  We made flapjacks and the three faces so that we could act out ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ which the children did brilliantly.  James and Florence made fantastic Goldilocks’.

     We have been on some lovely walks, which included making daisy chains in the church yard, running around the grassed areas at the allotment.  We are so proud of the way the older children look after the younger children when we are out on walks.  They are brilliant at crossing the road when instructed to do so and at keep the younger children safely on the pavement. 

    Next week we will be focussing on the rhyme of the ‘Little Bo-peep’, also included in ‘Each, Peach, Pear, Plum’. We will be making sheep with paint rather than cotton wool, this time and continuing with capacity and weight.  So, there will be different sized containers in the water and the children while be using the scales.  

    When we asked the children what they wanted for snack they said: peas, fish-fingers and Spaghetti Bolognese.  We weren’t expecting that, but we like to keep them happy, so next week we will provide fish-fingers and Jane is up for making spaghetti Bolognese with the after half-term.

    Enjoy your weekend 

    The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 3 - ROBIN HOOD (10.5.2019)


    Joshua – For using the potty brilliantly at Pebbles!

    Arlan – You helped to put the chairs away ready for Didi dance and clean a bowl off the table handing it to Stevie for washing up, without being asked, Thank you so much!

    Arthur – You finished playing with the cars, then put them all away and the mats without being asked, good boy! 

    Dear Parents,

    Well Rebecca has impressed herself this week, by making bows and arrows with the children.  We worked out that the bow with the tightest string shot the arrow the furthest.  We had a go at shooting them at the veggie patch and from our wood (the climbing frame with tubes and branches attached).  It is very tricky and took lots of practise, however Joshua was brilliant at it.

    The children loved the Robin Hood hats, they made with Stevie and the dressing-up outfits.  It has been lovely to see lots of the younger children working out how to climb up the climbing frame and get down the slide safely.  The older children have developed their use of the frame by finding different ways to climb up and come down the slide e.g. on their feet, knees, backs and headfirst.  All without hurting themselves!

    Next week we will be focussing on the story of the ‘Goldilocks and Three bears’, also included in ‘Each, Peach, Pear, Plum’. The children will be making the three bears faces from a choice of materials; which we will then use as puppets.  We will act out the story, after the children have decided how and working together to change the climbing frame into the three bear’s house.  We will also provide three different sized bowls and spoons for the children to match together in the water tray. The younger children will be using our Nursery rhyme bag, to identify which nursery rhyme each item relates to and then singing them.

    Enjoy your weekend 

    The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 2 - JACK AND JILL (3.5.2019)


    Benjamin – It was lovely to see that you were aware of the needs of one of our younger children and after a short time in the car you gave it to them as you knew it would make them happy, what a kind boy!

    Elsie – How grown-up are you Elsie?  Rebecca was so impressed that you used a knife to put your cream cheese on every single one of your crackers.  It took great patience and determination!!

    Charlie – After a shaky start to our walk on Wednesday you settled down and then walked brilliantly and started to enjoy it!! 

    Dear Parents, 

    I hope that the photos show that we have had great fun this week.  I have rolled down a hill and got very dizzy; why are the simple pleasures in life less enjoyable as you get older?  The children loved building towers out of the soft blocks we have outside and then kicking them down; the blocks went everywhere!

    We have been singing ‘Jack and Jill’ all week and acting it out, e.g. the rolling down the slope behind the church.  The children made their own obstacle course to carry water along in a cup, without spilling it and then poured it into a different container at the end.  It was very tricky, and the younger children kept getting added bits as other children walked along it.  All good fun! 

    Lots of planting has taken place this week.  We have planted sunflower seeds in pots for up the veggie patch, cress seeds for the children to bring home.  The ones we have kept at Pebbles have already started to grow and we have sprinkled lots of seeds in the pots in the play area, which will hopefully make Pebbles look pretty very soon.

    We have a lovely sunflower display made by the children and we hope you are enjoying the ones that came home?

    Next week we have chosen Robin hood to focus on from the ‘Each Peach, Pear, Plum’ book.  Benjamin has requested that we get the indoor climbing frame out, so we are going to turn it into a forest, make bows and arrows and Robin Hood style hats and shoot our arrows from the top of the climbing frame (Health and Safety risk assessment here we come).  As the book has a hide and seek theme, we will be hiding different amounts of items in the sand and seeing how many the children can find.

    Enjoy your weekend

    The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 1 - EGG HUNTERS (26.4.2019)


    Taylor – For flashing the chain for one of the younger children even though it is very hard to do (the button is stiff on one of the toilets). How helpful and determined you are Taylor!

    Oscar and Rhia – For settling in brilliantly during their first week at Pebbles, we are so glad you are happy straight away at Pebbles.


    Dear Parents, 

    We have three new families we would like to welcome to Pebbles this week – Henry, Oscar and Rhia are the newest members of the Pebbles family.

    Well, what a lovely week of weather to return to Pebbles with.  We have spent so much time outside, up at the veggie patch, enjoying egg hunting, out the back and on walks.  Rosie came in for her first visit of the term on Friday and had two walks. One group explored the church and the allotments and the other went further afield to the duck pond and past the highland cows (the photos are lovely). 

    We have made smelly, purple, glittery playdough and the water has been different colours throughout the week.

    We have read ‘Each, Peach, Pear, Plum’ and have decided to pick out ‘Jack and Jill’ for the children to learn and act out next week.  If the weather is still nice next week: we will walk up the hill and roll down.  Indoors we will do rolling on the mats and water carrying races outside without spilling the water.  An idea for sports day!!

    We will also be focussing on gardening and growth.  The veggie patch needs some tidying and the children will be planting sunflower seeds with Stevie and creating lots of sunflowers to make a display with, with Rachel.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    The Pebbles team.