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Sebby – For helping Stevie to clear the display board, she says you were amazing, and Rebecca thinks you are the best at tidying-up at Pebbles at the moment. Mandy was astonished by your ability to hear rhyming words. What a good week you have had!!

Kit – You have been trying so hard to be more independent when hanging up your coat and going to the toilet.  You are developing a ‘can do attitude’, well done!

Harper - You were so kind sharing all your colouring books and pens.  You were also brilliant as painting the special animal for the zoo display. 

Dear parents,

There has been lots of lovely craft activities going on this week.  The 2D animals have been using to make a fantastic zoo.  With one special animal (a unicorn) who will move in with a different animal group each night and then the children will have to find the number that matches how many animals are in the group with the unicorn each morning.

The 3D animals look fantastic.  The children had to choose from 6 different animals and then they chose the materials and tools they wanted to use to make their animal.  These animals were then used to encourage the children to think of rhyming names – Claire the Bear, Ryan the lion, Smellephant the elephant. The children found this quite hard, but they are getting very good as knowing a silly rhyming word that matches their own or a friend’s name, which is brilliant.

The children continued to make zoos with blocks and the plastic animals but added in counting the animals and putting the right written number in the enclosure with the giraffes or zebra, etc.

As the photos show the children had an amazing time up at the forest school site this week: hugging trees (we don’t have to social distance from them), making a bonfire (not a real one) and a camp.  The children are so good at working as a team when involved in this type of activity and their imaginations start to work overtime!

The children helped with snack again this week, developing strength for better fine motor skills and awareness of how to safely handle a knife.  Great job kids.  They have also helped with the washing and drying up.

Next week we will be finding rhyming pairs in the sand, making hedgehogs – choosing the materials and tools the children want to use to get their desired effect. We will also be working on positional language – describing objects and people in terms of their position, making buildings with the duplo and then putting things in the correct place to match the spoken positional language – on top of, inside, next to, etc.  There will be soup for snack and the children will make the bread rolls to go with it, sounds delicious!!

Have a good weekend,

The Pebbles team 

WEEK 1 - SETTLING INTO JAN 2021(8.1.21)


Ivy-Blossom – You had a lovely first full day at Pebbles, no tears, no accidents, you sat brilliantly and eat your lunch and then woke up refreshed after a little sleep.

Phoenix – You were brilliant at helping to tidy-up, saying ‘me help, me help’ then you spent ages helping the grown-up put all the bits in the box.  You also sat brilliantly and eat your lunch for the first time at Pebbles.

Alfie – You had a brilliant first day back after our Christmas break and we are very proud of you doing so well with your potty training.

Arlan – You were absolutely amazing at using the new Pebbles manual hoover, even the grown-ups don’t hoover as well as you!! Thank you so much for doing such a good job.

Dear parents,

Well, we are back in the swing of things already…. The children have been helping to make snack in the form of sandwiches, choosing between white and brown bread and cheese or ham for the filling.  If they were really adventurous, they went for both ham and cheese!

We are loving our new Bug Rug and cushions which has created us a cosy quiet corner in which we have shared lots of stories and found out what everyone got from Father Christmas. 

We are very impressed that the children who have very quickly learnt that they have to take their shoes off to go on the bug rug and that the cushions are for sitting on not jumping on.

We have been recycling our Christmas cards, with which the children have created some artwork by sticking them to paper, along with small pieces of material, shiny paper, netting etc.

We have started to introduce the idea of enclosing an area and counting the items within it, which is one of our next steps.

We have had our first walk of 2021, which was just as wet and sticky as our last week of 2020!!

Next week, we will start introducing more of our next steps using our zoo theme.  The children will be making zoo animal to put on our display, which will help the children to learn that we can group items and move them around into different enclosures put still have the same amount.

The children will choose how they want to make their animal - using stencils (2D) or toilet rolls (3D) and then deciding how to decorate them and how to attach legs etc. By giving the children the opportunity to choose we are enabling them to fulfil the ‘Effective Characteristic of Learning’ – ‘I can choose ways to do things’. 

We will be thinking of rhyming names for our animals e.g., Deborah the zebra, the funky monkey, etc. We will also be working on positional language – the monkey is on top of the elephant, the rhino is next to the elephant, etc.

Have a good weekend,

The Pebbles team