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WEEK 4 - AMERICA AND FLAGS (13.5.2022)


Jessica – For listening and watching so carefully during Didi Dance and following all of Charlotte’s instructions, well done!

Reggie – You are the youngest child at Pebbles and on your first visit to the park you walked all the way there and back again, we were so impressed!

Kit Buckley – For persevering when trying to get in and out of the baby swing (it’s not easy), but with encouragement from Jane you were able to do it, well done!  

Phoenix – For showing how ready you are for school.  You have been following the teachers’ instructions immediately, tidying-up brilliantly, putting up your hand to answer questions and you even picked up another child’s shoe and put them under the correct peg for them. Rebecca was so proud of you!


Dear parents,

I think the photos show how busy we have been this week and they don’t even show it all.  On Monday we noticed that the cress had grown over the weekend and compared the differences between the plants, continuing to watch them grow until we sent them home.

The children are getting so good at helping to prepare snack that on Monday they cut up strawberries and bananas and told Stevie how to melt the chocolate – that snack went down very well indeed, as did the hot dogs and chocolate milkshake later on in the week.

The children have not only been making the America flag, with cheerios for stars with Stevie but they have helped Mandy made big and small flags of the countries we have already studied to put up at Pebbles.

We used our lovely children’s atlas book to find out things about America e.g. that it has a north and south so we focused on the USA; found where is was; that it was the home of NASA; ice hockey; baseball; the bob cat and the statue of liberty.  As well as being the home of MacDonalds, of course.

This led us onto looking up the menu on the tablet and copying some of the items to make our own menus for our drive-thru.  We were so busy making menus, the two windows required and finding the signs to put up that we haven’t actually driven through yet so this we run into next week, when we will be focusing on Britain (we do have them too).

The next two weeks will be all about Britain on the run up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  So next week will be thinking about our environment in Britain and signs we see when we are out and about; the countryside; creatures and plants. As well as having very British snack – ham and/or cucumber sandwiches, jam scones and strawberries and cream! We are hoping to have a picnic snack up at the forest school site. We will be making the Union Jack to wave on the Queen’s jubilee.  The following week we will focus more on families – our own and the royal family and we will of course be making crowns!

The Pebbles team 



Millie – For always having amazing manners with the adults and the children.  You also helped Rebecca clean the tables and move the chairs after lunch on Friday and you are so lovely with the little ones, what a star you are!

Ralph – For you rapidly increasing speech.  All of the teachers are so proud of you.  Stevie counted a 9 word sentence this week, wow you are such a clever boy.

Kara – For always being willing to help the grown-ups and the younger children with tidying, washing and drying up, moving the chairs and cleaning the tables, putting shoes and coats, etc., we don’t know what we would do without you!

Dear parents,

Well, this week has seen the coming together of our focus on Japan.  We now have lots of beautiful blossom trees and a 3D traditional Japanese house on the wall.  We used the internet and Mandy’s photos from Japan as the source of our inspiration.

We were very proud of the children on Wednesday when they all, bar one tried some sushi.  In some cases, this was a very small bite put in others they eat the whole thing.  The children were bribed with stickers, so Freddie, Kit Buckley and Alfie got two stickers for eating all of theirs, well done boys.

 The children have continued to play with the bath jelly and I was very impressed with lots of the older children who could find the two animals that began with the same sound (this is the start of our focus on alliteration) there was horse and hippo, dolphin and dinosaur and camel and cow.  We will swamp the items next week and see how the children get on.

Next week, we will be travelling to America so there will be a drive through MacDonalds.  This will encourage the children to read familiar signs such as MacDonalds, Drive-through, menu etc., and they will be making their own menus, which will develop their drawing and writing skills including segmenting words so that they or a teacher can write the letter sounds they can hear.

There will be lots of flag making.  Little American flags will be made and brought home, with an interesting alternative to the stars and then we will be making bigger flags for the countries we have already visited to put up at Pebbles.

As you can imagine some of the snacks next week will not be the healthiest (it is America) so there will be mini hot dogs, milkshake, chocolate dipped strawberries (Alfie’s choice) but there will still be fruit and cereal, etc., on offer.

Have a great weekend,

The Pebbles team 

WEEK 2 - BLOSSOMING (29.4.2022) 


Theo – For being such a good listener to stories and the grown-ups, but especially during Didi dance when you listened and watched so carefully that you followed Charlotte’s actions and instructions brilliantly, you clever boy!

Phoebe – For settling in so well, we still have a few tears, but you love being outside – you were so happy at the park and at forest schools and you are such a helpful girl when it comes to nappy changing time.

Willow and Idris – All the grow-up were so impressed with you when we went to the park, not only did you do lots of walking, but you were also dry the whole time we were out and you have had hardly any accidents this week.  Well done both of you!

Dear parents,

Again, we have had a lovely week that has included planting (we have some new colourful hanging pots) and watering, a visit to the park and forest schools. 

We looked on the tablet for pictures of Japan.  We found the unusual looking buildings, the Japanese flag, sushi, the beautiful blossom trees and a video of the sacred bowing dears.  One of Mandy’s relatives lives in Japan so she has emailed us photos of Japan that we will share with the children next week.

So, our craft activities this week and next was inspired by the blossom trees of Japan (which will make a lovely display).  We also found our own blossom tree at the park and the apple trees in the forest school site are in full blossom and they are absolutely beautiful.

Messy play came in the form of bath jelly.  The children haven’t bathed in it, but they have been up to their elbows in it out in the water tray and finding out whether they can push it through the water toys to make the water mill turn, which it does with quite a lot of effort.

Our snack selection has become more advanced, we almost provided café service on Thursday when the children had a choice of toast on its own or with cheese or with scrambled egg.  Sebby and Thaddeus helped Jane make the scrambled egg and all of the children buttered their own toast!  The children are loving helping to prepare snack and tidy-away afterwards. Connie and Millie even helped Rebecca with the drying up after lunch on Friday and it is such a joy to have children that are so keen to help.

Next week, we will continue our focus on Japan – making more blossom tree pictures, making a Japanese building ,3D we think and we have decided in the spirit of our new adventurous snack that we will offer the children sushi. We will be focusing on sound games with the younger children, e.g. making noises with familiar items behind a screen and seeing if the children can say what it is.  Providing the children with activities that encourage them to listen carefully, to develop their listening and attention skills as well as their language and communication skills.  We will continue with our planting but on a smaller scale as the children plant their own cress seeds in egg shells and watch them grow, very quickly, we hope.

Have a great weekend,

The Pebbles team 




Alfie – For being such a kind boy.  When Phoebe was crying in the garden, you picked a flower to give to her and the ladies on Thursday afternoon were so pleased that you joined in with Didi dance.

Evelyn – For you were such a helpful girl picking up all the snippings off the floor and putting the things away in the boxes without being asked

Ivy-Blossom – For singing to our new little girl whilst she was trying to go to sleep and offering to get her your muzzy.

Dear parents,

What a lovely first week back we have had.  With lots of fantastic weather we have been working hard in the garden.  The children have painted the tyres white and put lots of pretty flowers in them.  We have planted potatoes in one of the big tyres and Jessica’s daddy very kindly gave us lot of vegetables seeds, so we have planted out the radishes and will do some more planting next week.

Stevie requested the return of the mud kitchen which had been in my garage since we left Foxearth.  The children and Stevie love the kitchen, although it was a little on messy side for Rebecca!

We are also experimenting with the apple pips we got out of our apples from snack.  We have planted lots in little pots and are going to see if they turn into baby apple trees.

The children have been brilliant at helping to prepare snack - cutting up apples, slicing salami in half and buttering crumples, as well as helping with the washing and drying up.

It is so lovely to have such kind and helpful children, although we have had to talk to the children about putting things back where they come from rather than dropping them on the floor, something that could also be encouraged at home if your child is bad at this.

As we have been settling in this week we will focus on Japan next week, so that we can look at the amazing building. We are not sure if the children are ready for sushi, but we could try prawns and smoked salmon.  With our school leavers we will be learning about alliteration – words that begin with the same sound.  However, please do encourage your children to think about and find rhyming words in there books, or even make up rhymeing words it really does matter if they are not real words.

Have a great weekend,

The Pebbles team 

WEEK 11 - FRANCE (1.4.2022)


Willow - for being such an independt girl, you need very little help to change your nappy and you sit on the toilet ever time now.  You are so close to being toilet trained, well done.

Kit Bridge - For having such good manners.  We hardly ever have to remind you to say please or thank you and not only do you say them but you use the signs too!

Asher - You are now spending so long at the art and craft table.  You made a fantatic giraffe out of junk modeeling materials, did some lovely cutting, sticking and drawing this week, as well as writing the first two letters of your name!!

Dear parents,

What a lovely week we have had.  It was busy at the start with parents coming in.  We really enjoyed this and hope you did too, it was lovely to see so many of you and to spend time with you inside and outdoors. 

We have also learnt about France (mainly the food they eat), but we made the Eiffel tower out of straws and the Cathedral De Notre-Dame out of lego.  We have eaten croissants, chocolate crepes (they went down very well) and quiche.  We were very proud of the children as nearly all of them tried the quiche and quite a few discovered they liked it when they didn’t think they would.  They were rewarded with half a chocolate crepe!!  

We have also played lots with the pretend building bricks this week and we love how many ways the children find to play with them.  They have been outside in the builder’s tray making walls, placed one on top of the other to see it they are as tall as Stevie (they very nearly are). Lots of good counting by the children during this activity.  As the photo shows they were made into a boat, a chair, a tower of flats with mobilo people at the top that were rescued by a fire engine and they also became low walls for the children to stand on and steppingstones. Both these activities helped the children develop their balance and their counting skills again.  As we have said before the simplest things and the children’s imaginations make the most fun!

After half-term Jane and Sebby have decided we will be learning about Japan, so that we can look at the amazing building, we are not sure if the children are ready for sushi, but we could try prawns and smoked salmon.  With our school leavers we will be learning about alliteration – words that begin with the same sound, so there will be a different focus sheet coming home with the library books.  However, please do encourage your children to thinking of rhyming words, even if the words are not real it doesn’t matter.

Have a wonderful Easter,

The Pebbles team.

 WEEK 10 - ITALY (25.3.2022)


Millie – For being such a helpful, kind girl. We are so proud of you Millie. You help lots of the younger children without even being asked, well done!

Etolie – For following instructions brilliantly when making something special for mummy.

Jaxon – For being such a kind boy and sharing your cars with the other children 

Dear parents,

Wow what amazing weather we have had this week and we have spent so much time outside getting wet in the coloured, tea flavoured water – pouring and making the water mill turn.

The children have been so creative in the garden, using lots of different items to create a ball collecting boat, which was the most amazing creation. They made a fantastic obstacle course that helped them to develop their gross motor skills and the social skill of taking turns.

The highlight of the week, for me anyway was a trip to the park with a little stop at the church on the way.  The first time we have found it open.  The children sat and sang   Twinkle, twinkle little star - they were angelic and then we looked at the pattern and shapes in the floor tiles.

The children had a fantastic time at the park and it was great to see and encourage the children to use their upper body strength when climbing the ropes and getting in and out of the swings independently, as well as developing their awareness of safety, their awareness of other and for some of them conquering their fears.  Hopefully next week we will go to the park on a different day so other children can enjoy the experience.

The children recreated Italy outside by building the Lending Tower of Pisa, (building a lending tower is not the easiest thing to do) and eating ice-cream in the garden.  We also had spaghetti and basil pesto for snack.  

Next week French will be our country of choice, we have identified the Eiffel tower and the Cathedral De Notre-dame as building we would like to have a go at building.  I think the Eiffel Tower will be a challenge, but we like a challenge at Pebbles as it develops all of our problem-solving skills, imagination and creativity.  We also like croissants which we will be having for snack next week. We will also introduce the children to a few French words.


The Pebbles team 

WEEK 9 - TEN GREEN BOTTLES (18.3.2022)


Poppy – I get involved and concentrate.  Mandy and Rebecca have been so impressed by how good you are getting at completing puzzles, with support you look carefully at the pieces and work out where they go, well done.

Idris – You have always been shy when asked questions at snack and lunch time so we are so pleased that you are starting to sign language to communicate what you would like.

Reggie – We are so pleased with how quickly you have settling into Pebbles and that you have the confidence to get involved in the activities and talk to the teachers. A brilliant start.


Dear Parents

It has been a quiet week at Pebbles, what with different members of staff off and low numbers of children, but we are very much hoping we have weathered the storm and life will be make to normal next week.

The lovely thing about having less children is how much more we learn about the ones that are with us.  It is a time when we notice more speech from the ones that are normally quiet and the older ones have time to share more with us in the form of conversation and engagement in activities, as well as developing strong friendships with children they by not play with as much when all the children are in.

We have been blessed with gorgeous weather this week, well apart from Wednesday so have spent lots of time outside and we can now start to enjoy our garden area without getting caked in mud, although some of us like that!! There will be plenty of opportunity for this as I am sure planting up the tyres will start in earnest soon. We have also made use of the Forest school site and been on walks – lots of lovely fresh air!

The children loved creating some squelchy artwork by Jenny squeezing blobs of paint onto a paper covered builders’ tray and then covering it with bubble wrap.  The children used their hands and then their feet (Rex’s idea) to move and blend the paint under the bubble wrap.  They pretty much made every colour in the rainbow, which was very impressive.

Stevie and the children have manged to make the ten green bottles and the all-important wall. By learning the song, the children are understanding that numbers can be counted up and back which develops their understanding off and ability to complete take-aways (subtraction sums).

The Italian building theme did not really happen this week so we will carry it forward to next week.

Have a lovely weekend, in the sunshine.
The Pebbles team

WEEK 8 - DINOSAUR BONES (11.3.2022)


Ralph – For being brilliant at sorting the dinosaurs in to colours and size, well done

Florence – For being brilliant in Jenny’s peeples group, joining with everything, we are so proud of you Florence

Phoenix – For doing up your coat all by yourself and for developing such an amazing knowledge of dinosaurs

Archie – For tidying away the chalks straight away, following instructions really well this week and being brilliant at eating your apple for snack 

Dear parents,

We think this will be the last week of our dinosaur theme.  We are very impressed with how much information the children have retained about dinosaurs.  The older children can identify carnivores and herbivores and understand what both worlds mean.  A fact we have learnt is that if a T-rex fell over it could not get back up again as its arms were so small compared to its body.  The children have loved the dinosaur book Jane brought in and the dinosaur names they rattle off are very impressive.  We were also impressed with the younger children’s ability to sort the dinosaurs into small, medium and big categories, as well as their use of these mathematical terms.

For malleable the children really enjoyed making cheesy shapes, a twist on cheese straws and loved playing with the left off dough.  Unfortunately, not many of them like the taste and as we eat them for afternoon snack at Forest schools the birds had a treat. For our craft activity the children cut up paper straws and stuck them onto black dinosaur silhouettes - a very good activity for developing the children’s hand strength and fine motor skills.

In the play area the children were brilliant at walking along the plank. They quickly learnt that they had to go one way and then challenged themselves physically by jumping onto the large foam circle at the end.  This then developed into a whole obstacle course which really helped to improve the children’s balance and patience when they had to wait for others.

Next week the children have decided they would like to learn about house and building.  We are going to link this to the staff’s requested focus of finding out about different countries. We are going to learn about Italy first, having some of the food from Italy for snack, finding out about the famous buildings, artists and locating Italy on the world map. We will be doing lots of building with blocks and junk modelling materials representing the Tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Pebbles team 

WEEK 7 - IT'S A DINOSAUR WORLD 2 (4.3.2022)



Freddie – You were so involved in our junk modelling activity; you have to be star of the week.  You spent nearly to whole afternoon focused on creating an elephant and a dinosaur!

Sophia – Your creativity and determination to make exactly what you think of never fails to amaze me and now you are making changes to your creations – what an effective learner you are!

Evelyn – Jane was so impressed that you followed her instructions to get your change bag and the changing mat and then you insisted on putting them both back, well done!

 Dear parents,

We have had a lovely week using the dinosaurs as the bases of our learning.  We found rolling stamps and foam dinosaur printers that we used to make dinosaur wallpaper as well as dinosaurs or something else of the children’s choosing out of junk modelling e.g. an elephant head, a rabbit, Sky from Paw Patrol, binoculars for spotting dinosaurs and a dinosaur house as well as some lovely dinosaur.

Our circle time sessions have involved reading a ‘Harry and his bucketful of dinosaur book, each child choosing their favourite dinosaur and then thinking of a question to ask Google about them.  We all learnt a lot!

The children loved the dinosaur swamp that Stevie made out of green jelly – this was strictly an outdoor activity, so the children had to wait patiently to be able to get messy, due to the rain on Tuesday and Wednesday!  However, we did go to the Forest School site on Wednesday and that was rather swamp like. 

The children also did a bit of archaeology, brushing the sand away to discover the dinosaur skulls in the sand tray, as well as using the dinosaurs to develop their sorting, counting and mathematical understanding of more, less and the same, we need to do more of this next week.

Next week we will be using the dinosaurs with the younger children to sort them into big, middle size and small categories, for the craft activity the children will be making dinosaur skeletons with white straws on black paper, so we will be reading some of the funny bones books and use them as a basis for reinforcing rhyming (our speech and language activity).

Have a lovely weekend,

The Pebbles team 

WEEK 6 - IT'S A DINOSAUR WORLD (25.2.2022)


Millie - What a star you are! Jane was so impressed with how well you followed her rather complex instructions and you did it brilliantly, well done. 

Rex - Mandy was so proud of you tidying away the Peppa Pig toys!

Rennie - We loved that you sang a made up song to all your friends.  You are growing so much in confidence and it is wonderful to see!


Dear parents,

After a disrupted start to the week we have settled back into Pebbles and are rather glad we were't there in all the wind last week!  

We created a dinosaur world with mountains, a soft area for them to sleep and a lake to drink from.  Whilst the dinosaurs enjoyed their mountains made out of covered boxes, the children also  enjoyed climbing on them and getting into them with the dinosaur developing their imaginative play further.

It has been lovely to be able to get out an about this week.  We went on a dinosaur walk stomping through all the sticky mud on the way there and as we found a big puddle to clean our boots after all the mud the challenge was to  get back to Pebbles without getting them all muddy again.  The children did incredibly well, it's amazing how hard children try to acheive something when you say it is a challenge!

We also looked for signs of spring - we found lots of snow drop, yellow flowers the grown-ups can't name, leaves coming through on a rose brush and a little blossom.  We also saw signs of the wind with lots of big branches on the floor and a very large tree was leading against an old garage. We could see it's roots which was very impressive!

Out in the play area the children have been sorting natural items, playing with the rain water in the builders tray pouring it into the back of dupper trucks and counting how many scoops it took to fill them.  They also enjoyed tidying all the leaves play into our area by the wind with our three new child size brooms.

Next week we will continue our dinosaur theme.  The art and craft activtity will be making dinosaurs out of junk modelling materials as well as printing with dinosaur stamps and using rolling prints to make the dinosaurs scales.  We will use the big and little dinosaurs for sorting and counting activities, see which dinosaur type we have the most or least of and if we move the dinosaurs around do we get more, less or do they stay the same? With the little dinosaurs we will sort and count them and see if the children can match them to the correct number.  For circle time the children will choose their favourite dinosaur and then we will find information about it from books and the tablet.  The dinosar skulls we have will be buried in the sand and the children will be excavating them very carefully.

Enjoy your weekend

The Pebbles team