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    WEEK 2 - HARVEST (20.9.2019)


    Preston – For using the potty twice this week, we are very impressed!

    Joshua – For giving a lunch box to a child who had forgotten to take it when going home and for being brilliant at tidying up this week!

    Albert – For settling brilliantly, loving walking Rosie and using the potty, what a clever boy you are!

    Dear Parents

    Our focus on Harvest and the lovely weather has meant we have picked lots of yummy blackberries to give us energy on our walk and to put in our apple and blackberry crumble, which we had for snack on Thursday. I was delicious!  The children and Stevie have made a lovely display board showing a harvest sense with an amazing tractor.  The children were very please to see a tractor out on our walk on Thursday and we have discovered that Jane has a worth of knowledge about tractors.

    Thank you so much to all the children who brought their farm machinery in to show to and share with the other children.  We loved some of the detail that the children included in their talking, e.g., one of the farmers was Farmer David.

    The children have also loved the field in the builder’s tray made with pasta, spaghetti, kidney and butter bean and rice. They have been pushing it around and scooping it up with tractors and diggers and dropping it all over the floor!!

    The highlight of the week for me was put apples in the water tray and following a Scottish tradition of ‘doukin’. The children picked up the apples just using a fork.  The children learnt so much including the language of size – Taylor said, ‘mine is the biggest’; safety awareness – being careful with the forks; taking turns and sharing the spoons; as well as determination and a ‘can do attitude’. Taylor was brilliant as getting an apple on his fork without using his other hand to hold it still and then showing the other children how to do it.

    Next week,  we will be making a really scarecrow up at the veggie patch and teaching the children the song ‘I am a diggle daggle scarecrow’; making a mud pie cake; creating fields of gold artwork with Jane and continued apple doukin in the water tray. 

    Have a fantastic weekend,

    The Pebbles team.

    WEEK 1 - PASS THE JAM, JIM (13.9.2019)


Taylor and Freddie – For being brilliant looking after the younger children when we are out on a walk, what big helpful boys you are!

George Walker – For coming in with no dummy and no tears twice this week, well done it is lovely to see your smile first thing. 

Dear Parents
A very warm welcome to all our new families, there are quite a few of you and we have been kept on our toes by all the new children settling in.  Although we have had a few initial tears we are all definitely settling into, or back into (for us old timers) the Pebbles routine now.

We have been out and about a lot this week and have loved the veggie patch with its nice short grass, so we can actually see the children. Our new children have experienced the church walk, with the ditch.  As well as a foraging walk, collecting apples and blackberries with which we made crumble on Friday.

We have focused on ‘Pass the jam Jim’ which is rhyming book all about food (my favourite topic).  The children have made a lovely display representing the book, as well as making jam sandwiches for snack and pouring tea with teapots and cups in the water tray.

Next week, we have been continuing our focus on food, linking it to Harvest.  We will be doing more foraging and making snack with the foods we find, making mud pies, using junk modelling to make tractors, combine harvesters, etc.  If the children would like to bring in farm related toys to show that would be great.  We will play with popcorn kernels, barley, straw etc., in the builder’s tray, do apple bobbing in the water, although maybe not with our mouths and using farm vehicles and diggers in the sand, pretending it is grain 

Have a fantastic weekend,


The Pebbles team.