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Parent Mail

WEEK 7 - THE END OF AN ERA (17.7.2020)

Dear parents,



Well this week was our last at Foxearth.  We have many happy memories of our time at Foxearth village hall.  We have loved the veggy patch and the walks around the village; taking the children into the church (which they always request whenever we asked where they want to go); playing in muddy puddles; running/rolling down the slope and finding an enmorous wealth of sticks and natural items to bring back to Pebbles.  However, the relationship with the village, spefically the Village Hall Committee of the last 5 years has not been an easy one.  Therefore, we are very excited about our move to Bulmer.  The team will be the same, the quality of care will be the same and the environment in whcih your children lean maybe somewhat smaller but it will be rural and there will be outdoor space which we value a great deal at Pebbles.

We would like to say a fond farewell to our school leavers, although we hope to see you all at our summer picnic and thank you for the lovely gifts we have received.  As we say so often we are all so fortunate to have a job we love with wonderful children.  This means presents are not required, but it is lovely to feel appreciated, so thank you.  The kind words in the cards are of the greatest value to us as are the relationships we build with you and your children, as well as each other.

We wish you all a fantastic summer, look forward to seeing those of you staying with us in September and wish all the children moving on happiness in their new schools.



Molly - for playing lovely games with your friends.

Ava - for wonderful tidying up or a very mess craft table
Anna - for looking after the younger children brilliantly on a walk.

As next week is our last week the children will take part in a sports days on either Monday or Tuesday (they may want to come in trainers and clothes in which they can take part in races).  On Wednesday and Thursday there will be end of term parties (so party clothes can be worn)


WEEK 5 - MINI-BEASTS (3.7.2020)


Harrison - You have been kind, helpful and sharing brilliantly.  The ladies love your sunny disposition!

Poppy - Jane and Stevie were so plesed by how well you listen all day on Wednesday, keep it up Poppy, good girl.

A special mention goes to George Walker for excellent potty training! 

Dear Parents,

I feel the photos very much speak for themselves this week.  Both groups have been learning about mini-beasts in their own creative way.  Wonderful 3D and 2D art work has been produced and the children have so obviously been enjoying the great outdoors!  

I know that plans are afoot for some Pebbles end of yer traditions to take place over the next two week, including Pebbles plates for the school leavers, sports day and a party!  



WEEK 4 - HOT AND HAPPY (26.6.2020)


Freddie - You have been so grown-up with your self-care this week, as well as sharing beautifully and helping Preston, what a wonderful boy you are!

Spencer - Stevie is so pleased you are now coming in without crying, well done!

George Walker - I have all about your speech, you have been joining in brilliantly with the nursery rhymes this week and talking so much more than before lock down, I am so impressed!

Dear Parents

Well the ladies sent me 21 photos this week so that I knew what was going on, which I definitely did!!  It looks to me that they have coped well with the heat and I love all the photos of them out and about finding shade, especially around the church yard and seeing the tractor.  This time of year is a great time for seeing how the world around us changes rapidly especially when we are surrounded by gardens in bloom and fields. 

The Monday and Wednesday group have been finding mini-beassts with their picture tick list and then made a brilliant bee mobile. 

The Tuesday and Thursday group went a little further afield with their trip to the beach, ha,ha.  But they are doing their bit towards the mini-beast hunt by planting plants that will atract them into the Pebbles outdoor area.

I wonder what next week will bring, I know it will be lots more photos!

Have a lovely weekend

The Pebbles team.







Rex - it is so lovely to see you engaged more purposeful play, what a clever boy.
Harrison - for playing nicely and being more aware of sharing, good boy.
Amelia - for finding her name and being less emotional.


Dear Parents,

Another fantastic week at Pebbles, with activities being initiated by the children, hence the two different groups have been involved in different activities this week.  Monday and Wednesday's group have invovled themselves in painting PEBBLES, turning them into treasure (just like our little pebbles) and then hiding them when they are out and about - walking and up at the veggie patch.  It was lovely to see that the children could have their lunch under the shade at the veggie patch this week but that the rain provided lots of lovely wet mud for the mud kitchen!!

The Tuesday and Thursday group decided to make an ice-cream parlour with lots of different flavoured (pretend) ice-creams, followed by bubble making - these look amazing!!

When the weather was bad some indoor activities were resorted to e.g. ball games, cars indoors and watching the storm, which I love. There is something very powerful and intoxicating about watching a storm.  Very glad the children didn't get caught in it, I bet they got wet toes just standing there!

WEEK 2 - CREATIVITY WEEK (12.6.2020)


The staff would like to say that the children have all been amazing again this week,  They are so impressed with how well they have settled back into Pebbles and how well they are washing their hands!

However, a special mention goes to..

George Watson - for eating so well, trying so hard to sit still and for using his imagination brilliantly when playing.

Preston - for being a superstar at tidying-up, Well done.

Indie - for lovely sharing, especially sharing the car outside with others, good girl.

Grace - for coming in with the biggest smile and for always being the first to sit on a spot when asked by a grown-up.

Dear Parents,

Jane has inspired the children and teachers at Pebbles this week with her create something from a box.  I think the adults leading the two different groups got quite competitive, but they assure me the creations were the children's ideas and the adaption and decorating of the boxes was all the children's work (well mostly).  Anyway, they both look amazing and the photos show how involved the children were in the project.  WELL DONE EVERYONE! 

Dave the scarecrow apparently required a make-over this week, so the children got to work creating him a new style up at the veggie patch.  More creativity was shown at the veggie patch as the children made an obstacle course out of the tyres and planks;  as well as problem solving to work out a way to move the tractor around the veggie patch.  This is not easy as it is on a slight hill.

Although the weather hasn't been quite so kind to us this week, the children have still been active, either outdoors walking (don't worry the cow is in a different field) or indoors practicing for their mini sports days.  Unfortunately for the children's enjoyment only this year, but I am sure there will be lots of photos I can put on here.

Pebbles has become so spontaneous and I love seeing the photos of a them being involved in car racing or simply watching the digger out the front as they wander up to the veggie patch.  I think this time is very much teaching us to take things slowly and really appreciate the world around us, which I always thought we were pretty good at, at Pebbles but obviously it was something we could improve upon.

I have no idea what the plans are for next week and it is possible that the staff at Pebbles or children do not either. But you can bet they will by 9.15 Monday morning and that they will love it!! I very much feel like a parent at the moment.  I get sent lots of lovely photos, but I am not properly involved and that just makes me miss the children and staff more.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Rebecca and the Pebbles team


 The wonderful Pebbles ladies have been sending me pictures throughout the week of the children.  They have made me smile so much.  Although I am a little jealous as I am stuck at home with my big children! (I love them dearly really)

No big parent mail this week, I think the photos say it all.  I know that the staff would say that all of the children have been stars.  They have had a fantastic week with their little groups and have loved spending lots of time outdoors with them.

I know they have been impressed with how well they have been washing their hands, wiping their noses and putting the tissues in the bin.

The children have learnt the hand washing song so quickly.  I think Ava needs a special mention, as she sang it to her mummy after her first session at Pebbles, good listening and singnig Ava.